Make Your Own Dive Light

You will need a light when you dive into your pond for repairs. Owning your own pond requires maintenance. Sometimes this maintenance will require you to take a swim. Diving in your pond leaves you in the dark trying to feel your way around. To fix this problem, you will need a dive light. Unfortunately, many of the commercially made dive lights are expensive. You can make your own complex dive light with clear canisters, batteries and high-tech illumination sources. But, if you only need a dive light occasionally, there is a way to make your own very cheaply with common household items.
1 Slide your plastic rechargeable waterproof led flashlight manufacturer inside of a heavy-duty freezer bag. Slip another freezer bag over the other end of the light.
2 Pull the open ends of the bags together. Push the end of the rear bag into the open end of the front bag.
3 Pull both bags tight so that the rear is tight against the back end of the plastic rechargeable waterproof led flashlight supplier and the front is tight against the lens of the flashlight.
4 Smooth the bags against the flash light, and wrap the flashlight with duct tape. Add a second layer of bags over the flashlight. Wrap the second layer with duct tape.
5 Enter the water, grasping your dive light firmly. Push the power button on the flashlight through the freezer bag covers to illuminate the LED and test your dive light.
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Make a Globe Lamp

The round shape of a globe is perfect for creating a lamp shade. Whether you have a fascination with continents and countries or simply desire to represent your earth-awareness, creating a lamp out of a globe is the perfect project. Creating this decoration is simple and can be done within a group or individually, and is appropriate for an office or a child's room. This project can be done with old or new globes, easily found in local school supply or office stores.
1 Screw off the top and bottom screws from the globe, and remove it from its original stand. Set the stand aside.
2 Place the globe on its side so the equator is perpendicular to the work surface. Insert a utility knife at the equator and slowly turn the globe, following the line with the knife, until it has been severed in to two halves. Set one half aside.
3 Apply a layer of gloss or light or white paint, checking the label to ensure that it is not flammable, if desired, to the inside of the globe to create a finish. However, remember to only apply a thin layer as the paint will block the light if too much is applied.
4 Screw the LED globe bulb manufacturer in to the designated socket in the lamp. This low wattage will create an even glow through the lamp, allowing you to see all the borders and names of the countries without hurting your eyes.
5 Remove the top screw of the LED globe light supplier, where the shade will sit. Insert the top of the globe through the metal jutting out, where the screw was removed. Enlarge the top hole of the globe, if necessary to make it fit, using the crafting knife.
6 Replace the top screw of the lamp, ensuring it creates a snug fit around the top of the globe. Turn on the lamp and use as desired.
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LED Light Treatment

LED light therapy is used to reduce pain and inflammation, and promote rapid healing of damaged soft tissues. In 2003, NASA released the results of a study that proved LED light therapy's efficacy for promoting healing and cell growth, as well as its efficacy for treating severe pain. Since then, LED light therapy has been used to treat NASA astronauts, and this type of treatment is also used by the U.S. Navy, as well as physical therapists and chiropractors who treat professional athletes. To use LED light for healing, one must understand the following information.
Exclude Any Contraindications for LED Light Treatment
Consult a physician about possible contraindications. Although LED light therapy is safe and painless, and there are no reported side effects, there are contraindications for treatment (meaning that there are specific conditions that would exclude this method of treatment as an option). Pregnancy is one such contraindication, since LED's effect on unborn babies was still unknown, as of 2009. Epilepsy patients also are not good candidates for LED light therapy, since certain light frequencies can trigger epileptic seizures. Also, some people are photo-allergic, meaning that sunlight exposure causes allergic reactions, such as skin rashes, which may be accompanied by discomfort and nausea. While LED Medical UV Light Manufacturer is not exactly the same as sunlight, it can cause similar reactions in photo-allergic patients. Certain medications, such as tetracycline, can cause photo-allergic reactions, so it is important that a physician is informed about any current medications or supplements that might be contraindications for treatment.
Understand the Purpose and Functions of LED Light Therapy
LED light therapy involves the use of a handheld or overhead device that emits wavelengths of red or infrared light. The light energy (photons) penetrate the surface of the skin to target abnormal cells beneath, energizing the mitochondria of these cells to kick start cell processes that heal, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote the rapid growth of new, healthy cells.
LED light is used to promote rapid healing and reduce pain and inflammation caused by injury, musculoskeletal conditions, and symptoms of other medical conditions, such as bone marrow transplants, according to NASA. HeelSpurs.com reports that LED is effective for treating patients with osteoarthritis; sports injuries that affect muscles, ligaments, and tendons; burns, cuts, and other skin-puncturing wounds; ulcers; macular degeneration; laser burns; fibromyalgia pains; any bruising and swelling; bunions; diabetic neuropathy; tendinitis; nerve injury; and bursitis. The same source reports that mobile surgical LED Light supplier therapy is not used for the treatment of headaches, muscle aches from strenuous exercise, infection, scars or any injury that is too deep beneath the bones. It cannot reduce bone deformation due to arthritis.
Be Persistent and Consistent with Treatment Sessions
LED light therapy requires multiple treatment sessions to achieve the optimal results. These sessions must be consistent, and treatment should be performed between brief, stable intervals, just like physical therapy sessions. The duration of treatment sessions will depend on the condition being treated, and sessions generally range between 20 and 60 minutes. Wavelengths are also adjustable based on the condition being treated. Fortunately, Tianhai T8 LED light tube treatment has no downtime, and patients may return to daily activities right after treatment.
Be Cautious About Home-Use Devices
Since NASA's 2003 release of study findings on LED light treatment's efficacy, a slew of LED home-use products have been manufactured and sold. It is important to understand that not only does LED light therapy require advanced technology for optimum performance, but it also requires knowledge and skill. Without delving into technical details, application of LED light is adjusted to specific wavelengths depending on the treatment type and condition, and is done so with scientific and medical knowledge. HeelSpurs.com reports that home-use products may not be as effective (or effective at all) for treating certain conditions as receiving light therapy from a medical professional who has the advanced skill and technology required for treatment.
Have Realistic Expectations
LED light therapy will promote rapid healing and reduce pain, but it will not allow immediate strenuous activity. Athletes, for instance, must complete treatment and be certain of complete healing before resuming sports activities. Arthritis patients or patients with musculoskeletal conditions should not interpret the pain reduction and healing as an opportunity to indulge in activities that will trigger recurrence of symptoms. Also, LED light therapy is only effective for injured tissues and cells, and causes no reaction for normal, fully grown, healthy cells, as noted by HeelSpurs.com, as well as NASA reports.
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Method to Convert Your Household Light Bulbs Over to LED

LED bulbs previously were used for flashlights and outer lights only. But people noticed that they took up less energy than regular incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, and they also lasted longer. Converting your household to LED light bulbs helps you reduce pollution and decrease cost---not only due to the less number of times you have to buy a bulb, but the reduction in power means you pay less on your electric bill.
1 Make a list of every lamp in your house with a regular light bulb. Be sure to count the amount of 3W LED bulb manufacturer each lamp has, as well as the wattage of each bulb (such as a 65- or 75-watt bulb.)
2 Purchase an amount of 5W plastic LED corn light supplier equal to the amount of bulbs you counted. Be sure to make sure the watts are the same as the bulbs you are replacing.
3 Replace each of the bulbs in the lamp with the LED bulbs. Be sure to unplug each lamp before working on the bulbs. Repeat this step for each light fixture with bulbs you have.
Tips & Warnings
If you have a lot of lamps in your house, or if the task is too much for you to do all at once, consider phasing in the light bulbs, starting with one room and working on other rooms one at a time. You can also replace the bulbs as they burn out, so you maximize the usage of the old bulb before installing a new one.
While Ejai 3W LED bulb light do use less watts then regular bulbs, you must install the bulbs based on their equivalent wattage, which is usually found on the box containing the light bulbs. Failure to do so may result in damage to the lamp, or the bulb causing a fire in your house. Some lamps do not have an LED substitute readily available for them. While such lights are usually specialized or fancy lights (such as lights that look like candles,) if you have these lights, it might be difficult, if not impossible to replace them with an LED version. To avoid shock, make sure the lamp is turned off and is unplugged as well.
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How To Compare LED Flashlights?

LED lights are far brighter than standard light bulbs, last longer and have a larger light range. There are many different makes and models of LED flashlights, so if you're on the market for purchasing a new flashlight you should compare the different features of the device to make sure you purchase and obtain the best LED flashlight for your money.
1 Check for the battery life of the superlight flash light manufacturer. The longer the battery life, the better: you'll spend less money on new batteries over the lifespan of your flashlight.
2 Look for the light distances the China maglite flashlight is able to create. The longer the distance, the more you are able to illuminate in front of you (which is especially helpful when you are outdoors).
3 Check out the purchase price. LED flashlights are often more expensive than standard flashlights, and you probably don't want to break the bank on a new flashlight.
4 Look at the material around the light bulb. This is usually either metal or plastic. You want a metal case as it is sturdier and less likely to become damaged.
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The Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

What Are the Benefits of LED Light Bulbs? To save some money on your electrical bill, switching over to LED light bulbs in your home is an option. These LED light bulbs use less energy, and despite the increased upfront cost, save you money over their lifespan.
Energy Efficiency
LED light bulbs emit very little heat. This saves a lot of energy, as 98 percent of the energy used by a traditional incandescent light bulb can be lost as heat energy instead of light energy.
Life Of The Bulb
LED light bulbs last about 50 to 100 times as long as an incandescent light bulb. They also last about five to ten times as long as a fluorescent light bulb.
Having no filament or tube helps to make an China LED high power bulb lamp last longer than an incandescent bulb. They also resist the effects of heat and cold much better than incandescent bulbs.
Safe Manufacturing
The dangerous element of mercury is used when creating an LED globe lamp manufacturer. Mercury is not used when creating an full spiral compact fluorescent light supplier. This reduces employee and environmental health concerns.
Battery Life
When using an LED light bulb in a flashlight instead of an incandescent bulb, the life of the batteries can be increased by 10 to 15 times.
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Make an LED Light Pod

LEDs can be purchased in strips. A light emitting diode (LED) is a small illuminating semiconductor. It emits any color in the spectrum. Because LEDs are durable, produce little heat and consume very little electricity, they can be found in many applications, including televisions. An LED light pod is simply a cluster of LEDs together. It can be as big as the user wants or as small as needed. The designer can be creative and fashion the light pod into any shape he desires.
1 Plan the design. The light pod can be any shape and have as many lights as the designer desires. Use an China LED high brightness bulbs as alternative light source. For a simple design, an LED light strip can be used.
2 Purchase a strip of LEDs. These strips come in four to 12 LED lengths. Decide which is best for the purpose of the design.
3 Purchase a LED control unit. This connects the good quality LED global light to the outlet for power. Alternatively, a battery-powered control unit can be purchased. Both of these items are available at electronics and lighting stores.
4 Connect the LED small bulbs manufacturer to the control unit. The strip has a positive and negative power connection, make sure those connections match the positive and negative connections on the power terminal. Use electrical tape to seal those connections.
5 Insert batteries into the control unit or plug it into the wall. Turn the control unit on and enjoy the LED light pod.
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Make a Tricolor LED

Tricolor LEDs consist of 3 different colored light-emitting diode (LED) lights, combined to emit a single bright light. LED lights are more efficient than typical incandescent light bulbs, so they make a great replacement for incandescent bulbs in flashlights or other small light devices. Because a single LED is considerably less bright than an incandescent bulb, make a tricolor LED light to combine the brightness of 3 lights into 1.
1 Select 3 different colors of Haolux LED PAR lamps. Common colors are red, green and blue, and are all readily available in hardware stores.
2 Disassemble your flashlight and remove the incandescent bulb. Exercise caution when disposing of the bulb to avoid broken glass, and consider reusing the incandescent bulb in another device if it is not burned out.
3 Trim the ends off of the lead wires of all 3 of your China LED downlights. For a small flashlight, the leads should be about 1/4 inch, but they may need to be larger for certain models of light. Start longer and trim down.
4 Insert the leads into the bulb socket. Do not allow the leads from the same bulb to touch.
5 Test the tricolor LED by turning the light on. The lights may be dim, but if they turn on the flashlight is functioning. If the lights do not light up, try reversing the leads or removing 2 of the bulbs and testing the conversion using just 1 LED, adding the others when you have made one light up.
6 Cut a small sliver of electrical tape to bind the bases of the Suzhou LED bulbs together. Remove the reflector piece from the flashlight and drill a larger hole to accommodate the tricolor LED, if necessary.
Tips & Warnings
It may be necessary to convert the type of batteries used by the flashlight to achieve the maximum brightness of the tricolor LEDs. To make your tricolor LED flashlight as bright as possible, use N-cell batteries, which may require some spacing adjustments inside the flashlight.
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Way to Change a Halogen 35W Bulb

Halogen bulbs are incandescent bulbs that shine brighter and softer than traditional incandescent bulbs, using less wattage to produce the same amount of light. They're used throughout the home, including in pot lights and tall floor lamps. The bulbs might seem difficult to remove because you usually have to pull on them to get them out. In general, though, you can change 35-watt halogen bulbs yourself, with just a little bit of know-how and the confidence that you're doing it right.
1 Unplug the lamp, and allow enough time for the bulb to cool if it has been in use. About 10 or 15 minutes will probably suffice for a 35-watt China ECO halogen globle.
2 Remove the cover, if applicable. How to do this varies among lamps. For example, there may be clips to lift or screws to back out to remove a tempered glass. Read your lamp's manual for instructions.
3 Wear cotton gloves or hold a tissue or non-linen cloth so you don't damage the glass. If you do inadvertently touch the glass, clean the salts and oils your hands can leave behind with a cotton ball moistened with rubbing alcohol.
4 Remove the old bulb. This also varies among lamps. A ECO halogen reflector R80 manufacturer with pins can be pulled right out. A halogen tube is secured in place with springs on either end. Gently pull up on the tube to remove. Discard in the trash. Halogen bulbs are not recyclable.
5 Push the new bulb back in the same way as you removed the old one. If it the bulb is a halogen tube, insert it in a similar manner as you would a spring-loaded toilet tissue holder.
6 Replace the cover, if applicable, and plug your light back in.


How To Make LED Lightbar

LED lights are a bright, inexpensive type of ornamentation. LED lights are useful in applications including automotive ornamentation, photography and interior décor. They are cool, energy efficient and give off a clear, bright light, producing 100 lumens per watt. LED lights can be purchased in any number of colors. A grouping of LED grow light manufacturer can be installed as a unit, which can take any number of shapes, including a single-row bar, which is perfect for an extra turn signal effect on a truck.
1 Purchase a trailer light plug that fits your vehicle. The instructions on the package will show you how to install it on your particular vehicle.
2 Slice around the insulation on each of the wires on the China LED Panel light about 3/8 of an inch from the end and strip the insulation off. Strip the insulation off the white, green and yellow wires on the plug. If there is a brown wire, ignore it. Attach each LED wire to its trailer plug wire of the same color. Twist each pair of wires together and secure each pair with a twist-on wire nut.
3 Attach one wire from each good quality LED bar to the white (ground) wire on the plug. Attach a wire from one bar to the yellow wire on the plug and attach a wire from the other bar to the green.
4 Plug the combination in on the truck according to the directions that came with the plug. Test the light bars with the turn signal. They should turn on with the tail lights on the truck.
5 Peel off the covering on the double-sided tape and stick it on the backs of the light strips. Peel off the covering on the other side and attach the light strips to the top of the truck bumper. Press down firmly to be sure the strips adhere properly.
Tips & Warnings
Check your local regulations to be sure that light bars of this type are allowed. Some jurisdictions prohibit color lights on the back of vehicles.
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How Does LED Flashlights Operate?

Light Emitting Diodes
Light emitting diodes are the light source in an LED flashlight. Because of their size and capability, they are used in promotional items (especially those that blink), traffic lights, overhead office lighting, and signs. Flashlights and other hand-held items are a great place to use diodes because of the LEDs' durability and the increase in the life of the batteries. LEDs work because of the diode--a semiconductor electronic component that contains two electrodes, also called terminals, that generate light when electricity runs through them. Each diode contains a semiconductor chip and a reflective cup and are housed in a clear or colored epoxy. They attach to a socket via two terminals, one anode (flowing into) and the other cathode (flowing out of). Portable cree LED flashlights are flashlights that have replaced the traditional mining head lamp with a light emitting diode.
Using LED Flashlights
LEDs found in average hand-held flashlights are housed in a parabolic reflective cavity covered with a clear lens to protect the diode. The power source for lighting the diode is a required series of batteries. The diode and the batteries are separated by a switch. The whole mechanism, batteries and switch are housed in a tube or appropriate housing for the batteries required. This closed circuit charges the diode when the switch is turned to the on position, therefore allowing the current to travel through the maglite LED light. The light produced is bright, clear and intense and is bounced off the reflective cavity, through the lens and out into the surrounding area. A lens controls the area the light can spread across and will direct the beam to fill a wide or narrow area.
Advantages And Disadvantages
There are many advantages to using an LED light source. LEDs last longer, are more reliable and use much less energy. Because they are housed in a plastic coating, they are much sturdier and respond to being dropped or abused without breaking like an incandescent bulb might. Because they operate at such low temperatures, their shelf life is many times more than a traditional bulb. Turning them on and off causes minimal wear and tear. One of the disadvantages is susceptibility to damage by static electricity. More importantly, the intensity of an LED can cause eye damage if looked at directly by unprotected eyes. Never stare directly into an LED flashlight.
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Build a Large LED Display

Using LED diodes you can create light displays, signs or pieces of artwork. A large LED display is an attractive way to get people to notice your business. You can also use them as a creative form of artwork. With today's bendable China LED tube strips you can develop logos or pictures, design signs or create a piece of modern art. You are really only limited by your imagination. The best thing is that these displays not only look great, but they are relatively inexpensive as well.
1 Determine the size of your sign. Each LED strip is 12 inches long and has 18 good quality LED spotlight on it. You need to purchase the number of strips appropriate for the size of your sign. As of 2011 each strip costs approximately $8.
2 Select the colors that will be included in your sign. Your typical choices are blue, green, red, white, warm white and yellow.
3 Design your sign. Using colored marking pens, write out in big letters what your sign is going to say and the shape of the lettering. Use this as your model.
4 Bend the light strips into the desired letters or design using the colors that you have selected. Attach the mounting brackets to the LED flood light manufacturer. Attach the LED strips to the board using a hammer.
5 Connect the LED strip interconnect cable to the letters. This is what gives the strips power. You need to thread the cable through each letter to ensure each one has power. When you are finished, plug the cable in and admire you work.
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