Sumworth Technology

Sumworth technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises specializing in the professional, green energy-saving, high-end LED lighting products and lighting fixtures on aspects of R & D,

Such as led lighting , led lamp, led tube, led spotlight, led panel, and etc

Currently we have nearly a hundred of technology patent items. There are more than 70 kinds of self-developed patented high-power LED spotlight products with CE, RoHS, CCC approval. Therefore, our products are exported over 20 countries and areas, such as Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East, South America, and etc...In the domestic market, SW Lighting establishes distribution network in more than 20 provinces with Hong Kong and Macao included. Our products are widely applied in commercial lighting field, office lighting, residential lighting and outdoor lighting areas. And have geting a good reputation from customers because of our high quality products and good price. Sumworth can be your partner for OEM and ODM orders.


Helios Bright Crystal Lighting

Helios Bright Crystal Lighting Co.,ltd is a leading specialist in the field of Custom Architectural Lighting. We have gained decades of experience through intensive development as well as partnership with leading architects and designers to participate in various numbers of significant projects.
We are specialized in manufacturering all kinds of warning light. Our products include Crystal light chandelier,led strip,table light,floor light etc. Most of our products are ISO9001, CE, UL, CCC and SASO certified, fully complying with the industrial standards to better satisfy customers' changing needs.
Having built effective information systems, we are able to provide appropriate and prompt solutions for production, purchasing and warehousing implementations. Moreover, the improvement of quality control system and enhancement of organizational structure have brought us more opportunities and competitive advantages in both domestic and foreign markets. Consequently, our products are selling well in the North American, European and Oceanian markets.
Providing 'crystal lighting, Excellent Service, Reasonable Prices and Prompt Delivery', we are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information
No project is too challenging for our craftsmen. Our skilled artisans and engineers have the ability and expertise to interpret and execute virtually any lighting designs. While Helios Bright is renowned for our metalwork, electroplate finishing and faux artistry, our successful projects have included materials such as flat and hand blown glass and crystal, molded, shape or formed custom acrylics and resins, wood, leather, parchment, fabrics and other materials too lengthy to list separately.
Every Helios Bright product is designed and manufactured to the highest standards for both beauty and durability. In 2005, We use imported Swarovski as material,which is the best brand of crystal.
We work with customers all over the world to develop products to meet most markets. Designers are welcome to visit and review their drawings or our vast library of completed projects. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


Trivers Led Lighting Technology

Trivers LED lamp technology co.,ltd is a high-tech and professional LED lighting company located in China which specialized In Manufacturing,developing,researching and selling of LED lighting products.
Trivers LED lighting have a strong R&D team engaged in researching and developing innovative energy saving LED products.We provide a wide range of LED lighting prouduts include LED spot light,LED bulbs, LED strip light,LED downlight,LED tube light,LED ceiling light & ETC.Our products have been widely used in Commercial LED lighting,household LED lighting ,outdoor decrations and any places that traditional lamps needing to be replaced with LED lights.Through years of high quality proudcts,our sincere and professional service,we have won customers from USA,Canada,Brazil, Spain,Germany,
France,England, Poland,Australia,Japan & etc. The outstanding features of Trivers's LED lights are environment-friendly, no-ultraviolet radiation, energy-saving, long life-span, no glaring and so on. The global energy shortage is a serious problem that we human beings have to face in the 21st century. Saving energy is our sacred duty. Contact us now to saving your cost and make a contribution to protecting the earth environment.We assure you quality products,timely service and competitive price.


China Beijing international

Recently, the 14 th China Beijing international science and technology industrial fair held in China international exhibition centre. Although will take part in the fair can LED enterprise is not much, but the number of the several large LED the satellite enterprise rather representative, institutions and professional audience still can from the comb a domestic LED downlight the industrial development of the basic contexts and generalizes the several key words.
At present our country the LED lamp has formed, including the extension of the chip manufacturing growth,, sealing, application, test, a complete industrial chain, the products are widely used in the landscape lighting, back light and general lighting, etc. By the end of 2010, our country LED industry market scale is expected to more than 100 billion yuan, in 2015 in China market scale LED industry will achieve 500 billion yuan, enormous business opportunities.
In the whole lighting market, civil level product broad market, but because than normal bulb LED light bulb more than 10 times as expensive, whose price to consumers, so candidates civil level LED products are the basic flow to hotels, restaurants, villa, top-grade residential area. Maybe someone will say, a continuous LED light bulb glow 50000 hours, and the service life of the ordinary tengsten lamp only 500 to 1000 hours, calculate down or LED light bulb save money, but consumers may be asked: who can guarantee that 50 yuan LED light bulb really able to use 50000 hours?

Prices virtually and restricted the LED products, and increase the yield monomer production cost, and form a vicious circle.


Color mixing LED

LED tube and color mixing, a beautiful and decorative lighting effect.Facing these problems, experts say, the LED light products modular replacement, the realization of the whole industry to general power, especially in the strength of the big enterprise participation. Have industry research, product that often occur in the product modularization design has not yet
Waterproof(IP68), Shake-proof, Energy-saving, Environment-friendly.In the 1960 s, the computer industry houses manufacturer's product mutually exclusive, each have exclusiveness, even in the same enterprise, different range of products is also mutually exclusive, IBM is not exceptional also, along with the new computer enterprise to access, in response to the competition, IBM high capital investment, development and production of the modular system IBM 360 computers, but to the technical standard adopts it closed proprietary strategy, then in litigation, under pressure from IBM moderate technical standards open. Researchers think, this to become a computer industry from the vertical integration of mainframe era, into the modular, network personal computer age aura. Contrast the computer industry, for semiconductor lighting is concerned, have large enterprises to participate in the enterprise spontaneous up of the coalition could play a very important role, semiconductor lighting industry or can be in the form of enterprise alliance with the advance of product modularization LED.

Waterproof(IP68), LED bulbs, Energy-saving, Environment-friendly.finalize the design of the leading industry in the early evolution, and because it has a higher risk, the more possible by the stronger enterprise implementation. From the computer industry history, the realization of the product modularization, large enterprise such as IBM has played a very important role.

Super-clase high power LED which is encapsulated by high efficiency and latest heat disipation structure.


sprayaerosol spray paint

This product has spray paint, simple construction, good spray atomization, spray rate, quick drying paint, a high degree of film fullness, hardness, adhesion, gloss, flexibility, impact resistance and other characteristics, rich colors and gorgeous , an excellent decorative effect, and has excellent protection.
professional car maintenance,Aerosol paint,Car care products,Auto care product ,Lubricant Oil manufacturer and exporter in China
specializing in car care,Aerosol paint,Car care products,Auto care product ,Lubricant Oil. These products are been delivered to Europe, United States, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Africa etc. countries. We are expanding more cooperation partners all over the world.